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There’s nothing harder
than putting yourself back
together every morning.
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the worst thing ever is when you can feel someone getting bored with you

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10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again
1. Coming to the door to pick someone up.
2. Trying to dress really nicely for a date.
3. Bringing flowers or other tokens of affection to the first date.
4. Going dancing that’s not grinding on a grimy club floor.
5. Straightforwardly asking someone out and not calling it “hanging out.”
6. Additionally, being clear about when you’re “going steady.”
7. Romantic gestures like writing poems.
8. Turning electronics off and just being with one another.
9. The general concept of asking permission for things.
10. Not assuming sex is to be had at any point in time.
by Kate Bailey


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I think you never get over your first love because of how much you put into that relationship. You put everything you had in it until there was nothing left of you. That’s why it breaks your heart the most. After that, you’re able to learn from it and love in moderation. You don’t put everything into one person because you know love doesn’t last forever. You don’t want to be left picking up the pieces again. You never give your whole self to someone again because you know there’s a chance you might not get it back. You never let yourself love someone that much again.(via spuandi)

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My pride is stronger than my feelings. Don’t try to play me. I could think of you 24/7 and you still wouldn’t hear from me.(via paigechanel4)

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Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.Kait Rokowski (via writingsforwinter)

Stefan Janoski’s, Red



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